Gripset 11y Additive 15ltr


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– Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable
– Improves waterproofing properties
– Enhanced adhesion and flexural strength
– Improves workability at reduced water demand
– Improves crack, frost and salt resistance
– Improves chemical resistance
– Improved abrasion resistance
– High bonding to a wide range of porous and non porous surfaces
– Easy to use
– Versatile and universal at varying concentrations


– Additive in renders, screeds and mortars
– Cement based adhesives and grouts
– Waterproof sealing slurry
– High bonding primer on building substrates
– Enhancing cement based compounds exposed to immersion or weather
– Waterproof filler and fillets
– Repair mortar
– Primer slurry on steel and asphalt surfaces
– Preparatory coat for Gripset membrane applications