Gripset 15ltr 38FC Fast Cure Waterproof


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Class III Membrane to AS/NZ4858
Wet areas, showers and balconies
Under tiles, toppings and wet area finishes

Features & benefits:

Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable
Fast cure formulation
Waterproof to withstand continuously wet environments and ponding
Flexible and elastomeric
Compatible with tile finishes and other surface toppings
Fibre reinforced for enhanced tensile strength and workability
Excellent vapour barrier with low water vapour transmission properties
User and environmentally safe


Internal wet areas, showers, bathrooms and laundries
Vapour barrier membrane between old and new concrete slabs
General tiled areas to prevent moisture ingress
Balconies, podiums, terrace floors and decks
Protective membrane under external acrylic coatings