Enrich ‘N’ Seal – 946ml


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Enrich N Seal is a premium, no-sheen, enhancing sealer for stone, 100% polymer-solid with State-Of-The-Art Polycure Technology. It is a penetrating sealer formulated to darken, enrich, and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed natural stone. May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Allows moisture vapor transmission. It also effectively seals and darkens the color of grout joints. Formulated to provide maximum stain protection. Lasts up to 15 years


Rejuvenates the colour and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone
Maximum Stain Resistance
State-Of-The-Art Polycure Technology
May also be used as a pre-grouting sealer
Does not alter the slip resistance of sealed surface
Allows moisture-vapour transmission
Effectively seals and darkens the colour of grout joints
Lasts up to 15 years