Gripset GC-2 Membrane 1mtr x 15m


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Waterproof, Anti-Fracture Sheet Membrane

Gripset GC2 is part of an innovative sheet membrane system that provides high performance waterproof and vapour proof membrane with outstanding crack resistant de-coupling properties. Specifically designed for external wet areas, roofing and specialised remedial applications.

Consisting of fibre bonded fabric on the exposed face and heavy duty fibre backing on the rear face, GC2 forms a fast and highly durable waterproof system that allows surface toppings/finishes or Gripset trafficable coatings to be applied over immediately after the membrane system has been installed.

A unique feature of the GC2 system is the anti-fracture and decoupling properties to prevent stress cracks from transferring through to the finished surfaces over concrete, masonry and timber substrates. Further details are available in the Gripset GC manual for a range of specifications and fixing details for waterproofing applications where this system can be used.

Provides an immediate waterproof finish upon completion, avoids delayed drying times
Fast and reliable sealing method. Reduces labour and application time of waterproofing by >50% over sheet and liquid systems
Enables the direct application of toppings, tiles, screeds, levellers and liquid membrane same day as waterproofing application
“It’s bullet a proof system and the adhesive is easy to trowel, easy to apply” – John Geramia, Trim Tech.


External wet areas, podiums, terraces, and balconies to be tiled over
External wet areas to be finished over with pedestal pavers
Roofs, suspended external floors and box gutters when used with Gripset UV stable finishes applied over
Repair system over failed roof membrane products
Roof gardens, earth shelters (*refer fixing specification)
Planters and garden beds (*refer fixing specification)
Suspended pool floors, spas, water features and fish ponds
Decoupling/anti-fracture membrane system prior to tiles on concrete and timber flooring