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WA98 Adhesive 20ltr


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ARDEX WA 98 Adhesive is a high-performance membrane contact adhesive designed for use with ARDEX sheet applied membranes. It offers exceptional performance and adheres effectively to a wide range of substrates. This adhesive provides versatility in application methods, allowing for brushing, rolling, or spray application. Its extended tack life further enhances its usability, making it an excellent choice for large external areas.

Key features of ARDEX WA 98 Adhesive include:

High performance: Delivers reliable adhesion for ARDEX sheet applied membranes.
Versatile application: Can be brush, rolled, or spray applied, offering flexibility in installation.
Extended tack life: Allows for convenient handling and application, even in large external areas.
Superior bonding: Ensures a strong and long-lasting bond to various substrates.
Specially developed: Tailored specifically for ARDEX sheet applied membranes, providing optimal compatibility and performance.