Soudal Contractors SIlicone 701 NS – Cement Grey


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A high performing, low modulus, neutral cure sanitary silicone that is virtually odourless and no M.E.K.O. Highly flexible, colourfast and suitable for a wide range of applications that requires a waterproof seal where a maximum protection against mould and mildew is required

Features & Benefits:

Very easy to apply
Colourfast and UV resistant
Permanently elastic after curing
Impervious to mould
Very good adhesion on many materials
Low modulus and Neutral curing
MEKO free


For all bathroom and kitchen applications including sealing around baths, sinks, toilets, showers, plumbing fixtures, splash backs. Expansion joints between many different construction materials and general sealing. Perimeter sealing of window and door frames. Offers strong adhesion to glass, tiles, ceramics, aluminium, metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, stainless steel, etc.