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Imex Multi-liner LX55 360?? Horizontal & 4 vertical lines


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For the ultimate levelling, the IMEX LX55, five line laser with four vertical lines and one horizontal offers the best in sharp, accurate interior line set-out. The unique full 360?? horizontal line allows for the instrument to be set up in any part of a room. Combined with this is the option of a detector for outdoor mode up to 50 m, making this the most versatile all round laser available. With its rugged build and high accuracy this instrument is especially suited for commercial building projects.


Accuracy ?? 2 mm in 10 metres
Laser Beams – 360?? Horizontal, 4 Vertical at 90??, plumb spot
Hi-Visibility Case – Minimises the risk of the unit being bumped, increasing safety and accuracy


Detector and bracket, standard laser glasses, target plates, hard case.