Imex MP100 Moisture Meter


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The new high accuracy Moisture meter Pro from IMEX is an easy to operate tool to measure the moisture in timber and construction materials such as drywall. This is the perfect damp meter for all flooring and tiling applications.

The MP100 has two modes for greater accuracy. The Wood mode will measure 5 – 50% moisture and the Masonry mode will measure 1.5 – 33%

The MP100 is for measuring the moisture retention of certain materials to check for damp. It does this by measuring the percentage of water in the material being tested. The MP100 can be used on wood, breezeblock, brickwork, plaster and more.

Large easy read LCD
Timber reading 5 – 50% moisture
Construction material reading 1.5-33% moisture
Protection cap for pins
Coloured LED moisture indicators
Blue 5-11.9%
Green 12-15.9% Mild
Red 16-50% Excessive

1 Year Warranty

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Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 35 cm