Gripset Xpress Primer H20 Plus 10ltr


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Gripset Xpress Primer H20 Plus is a unique 1 component vapour barrier primer designed for use on concrete, screeds and mineral surfaces. Xpress Primer H20 Plus forms a vapour barrier to prevent blistering and delamination of membranes associated with residual dampness and surface moisture, with its outstanding penetrating and adhesion properties. Once dried Xpress Primer H20 Plus will enhance the adhesion of overlaid coatings and finishes. Fast drying properties, this unique vapour barrier forms a unique colour-changing effect while drying.

It is applied as a milky white liquid and creates a light green tinge during the drying phase before becoming clear in its fully dry state when it is ready to be overcoated. Unlike traditional vapour barrier coatings, once cured the Xpress Primer H20 Plus will not change the surface properties of concrete and mineral surfaces, ensuring membranes and adhesives will bond as designed.


Fully compatible with Gripset membranes, tile adhesives, water based vinyl and flooring adhesives, renders, mortars and acrylic paints and texture coatings
Economical surface coverage of up to 1 litre/8m2
Can be used as an exposed protective sealer over concrete against carbonation and general degradation
Suitable for internal and external applications.