Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane 15ltr


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Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane represents the latest in cutting edge water based fast cure membrane technology. Designed for the protection of external surfaces subject to UV exposure and harsh climatic conditions Xpress Multi Pro enables installation and operation under full service conditions in a fraction of the time overcoming traditional shortfalls of current water borne systems including prolonged drying times susceptibility to re-emulsification after early water ponding and washout after rain.

Highly flexible and elastomeric with low vapour transmission properties and low water absorption Multi Pro offers a viable safer alternative to hazardous solvent based Polyurethane Membranes. Further time efficiencies can be achieved when used with the Express H2O Vapour Block primer for priming/sealing roof areas damp and green mineral substrates containing residual moisture. With a 1 hour dry time Express H2O Vapour Block can be overcoated significantly less time than traditional epoxy based vapour barriers.

The Xpress Multi Pro is part of the next generation of innovative Gripset products that continues to push the boundaries of waterproofing technology in the built environment.