Gripset OP Primer 5 Ltr


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Gripset OP is a solvent free primer specifically developed with adhesion enhancing properties on metals, non-porous, dense and smooth substrates. It is designed for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, achieving high adhesion without the need for etching or using solvents. Ideally suited for the application of Gripset membrane coatings, adhesives and mortars to enable ease of bond to difficult substrates.

Features & benefits:

Solvent free alternative to dangerous solvent based primers
Bonds to a variety of metal, plastic, glazed, smooth & dense surface
Super adhesion properties
Ease of application
Very low dirt retention, non-tacky
Suitable for internal and external applications
Can be directly covered over with Gripset membranes or enhanced adhesives and mortars
Time saving, user friendly and environmentally safe


Metals including: galvanised iron, zincalume, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass treated steel, colorbond sheeting
Precast and tilt up concrete, glass reinforced concrete
Hardwood and dense timber surfaces
Existing ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and natural stone
Brickwork (clay and concrete)
Compressed cement sheeting, plasterboard surfaces
James HardieT ScyonT SecuraT external/internal flooring
Polymer mortars, synthetic mortars, smooth self levelling compounds
Asphalt surfaces
Rigid plastic surfaces
General surfaces where absorbing primers are not suitable or where adhesion enhancement is required agent