Armour Low Sheen Deep Base-P 15L


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ROCKCOTE Armour is a high performance Protective coating. It is a water resistant and highly flexible Acrylic membrane that can be applied by nap roller, Fine texture roller, brush or spray gun. ROCKCOTE Armour is applied in the same manner as standard exterior Acrylic Paint but will provide a much higher level of protection and durability


Water based
Excellent flexibility
Vapour permeable
Easy to maintain


Excellent colour retention
High water resistance
Long term exterior protection
Mould resistant
Scuff resistant
Easy to use
Easy to maintain
High resistance to cracking


Will provide a standard low profile Paint finish or Fine build stipple finish over substrates such as brick, block, ROCKCOTE Renders and textures, concrete, cement sheeting and A.A.C. panels/blocks. Designed to be used where a high level of crack resistance and a high level of protection against water ingress is required. Provides excellent added durability and ensures a low maintenance coating when combined within a ROCKCOTE System. Can be used interior and exterior.