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Tile Centre stocks an extensive range of BAT Trims Tiling Trims and Expansion Joints to protect the tile edge either on the floor or in wall installations. Please visit our showroom to see the full range, sizes and colours. Alternatively you can call us on (08) 8260 6677.

Aluminium Angle

The Aluminium Angle provides protection of a tiled corner against chipping and wear and can be installed between two alternative types of flooring to create a border or decorative strip.

BAT Trims Aluminium Angle

Brass Angle

Brass is often considered more durable and resilient in moderate to harsh installation environments. Brass Angles provide protection of a tiled corner against chipping and wear.

BAT Trims Brass Angle

Aluminium Geometric Angle

A large range of standard aluminium geometric dimension angles are available. These are commonly used in finishing of general tiling works or in the course of waterproofing.

BAT Trims Aluminium Geometric Angle

PVC Waterproofing Angle

PVC waterproofing angle is available in three different sizes and is used as a barrier for the waterproofing edge. The standard colour for PVC waterproofing angle is white.

PVC Waterproofing Angle

Aluminium Half Round Trim

Half Round Trim can be installed horizontally; to give a smooth edge to tiled bath-hobs or bench tops,  vertically to facilitate a round edge on wall junctions where both sides are tiled or as capping.

BAT Trims Aluminium Half Round Trim

Mosaic Corner Angle

Mosaic Corner Angle provides a square edge finish for corners where feature materials are of a different thickness up to 15mm. Pre-formed and coloured corners available for 8, 10 and 12mm.

BAT Trims Mosaic Corner Angle

Bird’s Mouth Trim

The Birds Mouth Trim creates square edges along columns and piers and can also create easy decorative shadow lines along flat surfaces, or bold edge lighting when used with LED strips.

BAT Trims Bird's Mouth Trim

Decorative Y Angle

The BAT Trims “Y” Section provides a protective edge to both vertical and  horizontal 90° corners. Tiles must still be mitred in conjunction with the “Y” Section Trim.

BAT Trims Decorative Y Angle

Aluminium External Corner

The External Corner provides a healthy, angled surface that permits easy cleaning and provides a square edge look, as opposed to a rounded surface, or no finish at all. Ideal for thin mosaics.

BAT Trims Aluminium External Corner

Aluminium Co-Pro

Co-Pro (Corner Protection Trim) is designed to be affixed to already completed tiling. It features adhesive on each side so additional grouting is not needed.

BAT Trims Aluminium Co-Pro

Double Sided Angle

The Double Sided Angle provides a neat cover to end of tiles or substrates. Each size of the angle offers two different sizes to tile, this trim invariably offers eight different forms of application.

BAT Trims Double Sided Angle

Balcony Edge Trim

Balcony Edge Trim provides a practical and aesthetic finish for balconies. Weep holes now come as standard with the option of 90° internal and external corners and joiner pieces.

BAT Trims Balcony Edge Trim

Diminishing Trim

Diminishing Trim provides a ramped transition from one flooring surface to another. Its primary purpose is to eliminate possible trip hazards created when two different flooring types of unequal heights meet.

BAT Trims Diminishing Trim

Commercial Diminishing Trim

Commercial Diminishing Trim complies with the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility – Ramped Threshold. Its lower gradient allows for an easier and safer transition between two uneven surfaces.

BAT Trims Commercial Diminishing Trim

BATEX Expansion Joint

The BATEX Expansion Joints are manufactured to minimise the risk of damage to tiles caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

BAT Trims BATEX Expansion Joints

Balcony Edge Trim Corners

Balcony Edge Trim Corners provide a practical and aesthetic finish for balconies. The corners fit two different trim sizes.

BAT Trims Balcony Edge Trim Corners

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